About Us

At Finch Centre Jewellers Woodbridge, we are committed to service and quality. This has been our main focus and something we are proud to say we have been delivering to our customers since 1973. Throughout the years, we can proudly say we’ve seen generations of families come to us for jewellery to commemorate weddings, baptisms and other milestones.

Our customers depend on us to supply them with the latest men's and ladies' fashions in jewellery and related accessories – and we are more than happy to deliver.

We carry a large assortment of diamond engagement rings. Through our vast network of suppliers from the worlds greatest diamond resources, including Canada, we are able to source out the perfect diamond to suit your style and budget. Our full service manufacturing facility enables us to customize your ring according to your specifications, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

As a family owned and operated business, you can expect high fashion and name brands in a friendly "customer first" environment. Our customers have become like family and we have enjoyed growing along with the families we are privileged to serve.